Ali 'Soshi' Tan

2016, Mar-

The Bowtie That Binds

Shashlik, a fixture in the Singapore food and beverage scene for 30 years, suddenly closed in 2015. Its demise was mourned by many, prompting the sons of one of the elderly staff to revive the restaurant in 2016. We were tasked to create a new brand identity, one that celebrates the fresh start while honouring the restaurant’s history.
Agency: Kinetic Design & Advertising
Art: Clay Kuok, Leng Soh, Sean Tan
Copy: Catherine Phua, Ali Tan
Creative Director: Pann Lim
Client: Shashlik


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Opening page on the menu, mimicking a newsletter report highlighting Shashlik's long, storied history (a.k.a I can do long copy)