Ali 'Soshi' Tan

Hello there

Ali's from a little island just a few degrees of the equator. She was raised by a man who looks like a bulldog and a woman who barks like one. Ali writes for advertising, design and everything else in between. Ali is called Ali because if you google 'Alicia Tan Writer', she is not the first hit. Ali Tan however, is an Eastern European singer and that's a much better Google Search Result. She studied English Literature and Japanese Studies at the National University of Singapore (in Singapore) and Waseda University in Tokyo. She did not graduate from any advertising programme or portfolio school. She has, however, been published in Ceriph (Math Paper Press), COAST (Math Paper Press) and exhibited her works in Tokyo.

I blog at in your basement
She currently works with - the crazy people at Kinetic Design & Advertising
She used to work with - Blak Labs, Geometry Global and Ogilvy
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Hair Colour - Peach
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